Friday, October 5, 2012


We have officially transitioned to just one nap a day. Lord help us! Brayden has pretty much always been a good napper and is usually very easy to put down. He lays his head right down and we don't hear a peep. Well that all changed on Wednesday. Brayden decided that he was absolutely NOT going to take his morning nap, which is usually around 10, and he didn't go down until about noon. He took a long nap of about 3 hours and then he was awake until bedtime at about 8. It was a day of seeing this face...
Poor guy! He was so tired and grouchy but apparently he is ready for just one nap. Today is day 3 of one nap and it is much better. He still fights going down but only for a few minutes. He cries when I walk out of the room but then lays down and falls asleep within a few minutes. I am sure the crying will stop altogether in another few days. 

Now that Brayden is down to one nap, we finally have time to go places and get things done. It isn't easy trying to get errands done with your child takes two 2-hour naps every day. Now, we can run morning errands and afternoon errands. Woo hoo! 

As for how this transition came about, Brayden is the one that told me he was ready. Obviously I don't mean he blatantly stated "Mommy, I don't want to take two naps anymore, just one will do." However, when he refused to go down for a morning nap, I knew something was up. So we didn't take a morning nap and I waited to see when he was ready to go to sleep. Around noon he started laying his head down, even on the hardwood floor. It was time! I put him down and walked out, just like I always do with his naps. I didn't want to force him to transition if he wasn't ready. Now I know he is ready and that one nap will suffice. It's a win, win if you ask me!!

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