Friday, April 4, 2014

Madison at 7 Months!

My little girl is 7 months today!! She has changed quite a bit in the last month. She is definitely growing and finally fitting into 6 months clothing! It seems like she was wearing 3 month clothing forever but since she has decided to actually eat real food, she has grown into her clothes.

She still isn't sleeping through the night which is starting to wear on me. I thought that since she was eating food, she would sleep longer but that doesn't seem to be the case. She might also be teething but I am dying for the night that she doesn't wake me up to feed. Momma could use a full night's rest!

She figured out how to crawl up the step at my parent's house. She found a whole new world up on the tile!

Speaking of the food she is eating...she is FINALLY opening her mouth. It took at least a month of trying to shove food in her mouth for her to grasp the concept of opening her mouth for me to put the spoon in. It was a frustrating month to say the least! However, baby girl is eating so great now! I make all her food including: sweet potatoes, peas, green beans, carrots, and banana. We are just starting fruit since she transitioned nicely from pears to carrots. I just purchased extra apples, pears and bananas to make her fruit purees. I have a tutorial on making baby food coming soon.

Notice: She managed to get sweet potato not only all over her face but on her foot!! She was squirting it everywhere!!

Onto her likes and dislikes...

-sweet potatoes
-her brother
-chewing on anything
-pulling herself up on ANYTHING
-being in the Ergo
-being held
-being tickled
-pulling hair and earrings
-playing with the blinds
-playing with her brother's toys

She found heaven in the tent full of her brother's toys!

-the last diaper change at night before going to bed...she cries the whole time I change her diaper and clothes
-falling asleep on her own
-loud noises
-bumps in the car
-being in the car too long

As I mentioned above, she can pull herself up on anything but she is still pretty wobbly. She doesn't have the core strength yet to be very stable so she still falls quite often. Poor girl bumps her head and that is definitely the thing she hates the most! She is getting better and stronger and she can even move her feet a little when holding onto something steady like the couch. It won't be long until she is cruising and then walking. 
Kisses from her very favorite four-legged friend! She had a huge smile after this...she absolutely LOVES animals!

Madison is so much better in the car. As long as she isn't hungry, she can usually be in the car for about 20 minutes before getting tired of it. I don't feel so bad being in the car anymore and we can get out of the house more often. She is also much better in the stroller and I am hoping she does alright during our first 5k. We are doing that tomorrow morning and hopefully if I bring enough toys for her, she will stay in the stroller the whole time. I will have the Ergo as back-up but it would be nice to walk without an extra 15-20 pounds on me.

She is a happy girl!

Shaking her booty while standing up!

Holding on for dear life.

Overall, Madison is doing great! She is hitting all her milestones and growing like a weed. Her personality is definitely shining bright and I think she will be smart and funny just like her brother!