Thursday, August 29, 2013

Big Brother Shirt and Gift!!

In hopes of making Brayden excited when his little sister arrives, I made him a Big Brother shirt to wear to the hospital. I was originally planning on just purchasing a shirt but apparently I am WAY too cheap for that. All the cute shirts I liked were in the $25 price range. I am just not willing to spend that kind of money on a shirt he will only wear one time! 

So my solution was to make one. I made a trip to Target and purchased a plain white shirt for $5 and then headed to the craft aisle to see how I could add the "Big Brother" part. I was thinking puffy paints but the only puffy paints they had were glittery...ugh! 

My next best option was fabric markers. At only $5 for the markers, I guess I couldn't really complain. I was a little nervous to write on the new shirt because there wasn't any room for error. Well I guess I could buy another shirt but that would sort of defeat the purpose of me being cheap. I sketched out my design on paper and practiced making the G because that isn't an easy letter for me to do in bubble letters. 

Overall, I am pretty happy with the way it turned out! I used blue and orange because it will match the plaid shorts I have for him to wear.

You'll also notice the basket of stuff. This is a gift to Brayden from Madison. She bought him all of his favorite things...Teddy Grams, Apple Strawberry squeezies, a book, a monster water bottle, a play dinosaur and a Toy Story play camera (not pictured). 

I am hoping this will help to ease the tension during our time at the hospital. I know it will be weird for Brayden to be in the hospital and for Mommy to be resting in bed. I think this will make Brayden excited for his little sister (at least for the day) and I hope he takes lots of really great "pictures" with his camera.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bumpdate: 38 Weeks!

It's kind of frightening that this COULD be my last bumpdate post. My doctor thinks I will have Madison between 38 & 39 weeks...which is THIS week! Yikes! We will just have to wait and see if she is right. I go back to my doctor tomorrow to check my fluid and to see if I am dilated any more.

-Due Date: September 11

-Weight Gain: +20 pounds total

-Gender: GIRL! Madison Kay.

-Nursery: We finally ordered a glider yesterday so now we are just waiting for it to arrive. I really hope it gets here before Madison but we will see!

-Movement: She is starting to slow down a little bit but she still twists her booty all over the place and makes my stomach completely crooked.

-Clothing: Maternity dresses and skirts lately to keep cool. Some regular tanks still fit over my bump (like in the picture above!).

-Cravings: Fruit. Since it's been so hot, nothing warm to eat sounds good. Just nice, cold fruit!

-Overall Feeling: Mostly tired but I do get bursts of energy and clean around the house. I just cleaned my ceiling fans the other day and that felt great! Now I just need to make sure I vacuum, clean the bathrooms and then wet swiffer the floors. Then I will feel good about Madison coming this week! Oh and I am also completely emotional! I rocked Brayden to sleep for his nap the other day because we were really struggling and when I looked down and he was actually asleep on my chest, it totally brought me to tears! It has been over a year since he has fallen asleep on me while being rocked. It was a really sweet moment until I went to put him in his crib and he started crying. I immediately remembered why I don't rock him to sleep anymore. It was a sweet moment though! 

-Fears: No fears this week really. I do have a small feeling of sadness that Brayden will no longer be my only child. I am very excited to be bringing another child into the world but Brayden has been my only concern for the last two years. He is my whole world and now I am going to have to share that world with a little girl. I am overjoyed and a little sad at the same time. Brayden has been a little extra attached lately so I think he knows something is coming. I hope we can all adjust quickly and make this new journey an amazing one!

Relaxing on Maddie while drinking his morning milk!

The boy loves his bubble baths!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Madison's Nursery!

The nursery is so close to being officially complete but if I wait any longer to do the reveal, Madison just might be here already! The only things missing are a glider, some pictures and her wooden letters over the closet doors. I am hoping I can finish those small touches before she makes her debut! (Especially the glider.) 

Without further ado...Madison's nursery!!

The big picture...I was looking for nature, birds, flowers and colors in her room. I didn't really want a "theme" necessarily. I am so happy with how it turned out!

This is the other side of the room...again with the bright colors and flowers. The glider will be in that big, blank spot by the window. I put a small side table with a lamp for nights of nursing....I need a place to put my phone, water and snacks.

Here are the detailed shots!

I made this mobile with felt, embroidery string, an embroidery hoop and pillow fluff!

Obviously the pillows and such will not be in the crib when Madison starts sleeping in there. The pillows are actually for the glider.

Wall art from Hobby Lobby.

Wall art purchased off Zulily and framed with Ikea frames. (They have the "You Are My Sunshine" lyrics on them!)

Dresser is from Babies R Us but we put the flower (top 2 drawers) and polka dot (bottom 4 drawers) knobs from Hobby Lobby on the drawers to give it a personal touch. This is one of my favorite parts!

The bookcase, plants and baskets are from Ikea.

Ignore the picture in the frame...I am waiting on my maternity pictures and then I can replace the random people.

LOVE this cross my mom got!

Brayden already stole most of the books I had in here so I added a plant to take up some extra space.

Wall art from Hobby Lobby! 

The wall hook was purchased by my grandma...I love that it's so unique and colorful! Also, so convenient for hanging wet towels!

Last but not least....the closet. Brayden's toys are in the upper left part of the closet for now. I am hiding them for rough days. I bought storage boxes from Ikea and they are full of diapers, wipes, and extra sheets and such. The hanging closet organizer has skirts, shoes, and a few outfits that have 3 pieces which is too many for me to remember when getting her dressed so I just left them together.

I have all onesies, sleepers, socks, beanies, diapers, wipes and folded outfits in the dresser drawers. I used storage boxes from Ikea for this as well. I love that everything is organized and hopefully it will help making diaper changes and clothing changes go quickly.

Hospital Bags!

With less than 3 weeks until my due date, it was finally time I packed our hospital bags. Last time I felt like I packed way too much and not enough at the same time. Let me explain...last time I didn't really know what I was getting into so I felt the need to be prepared for everything. Little did I know, the hospital actually provides quite a bit for you. I also didn't think of myself very much when packing my bag last time. I forgot lotion, chapstick, hair stuff and cute pjs. I really missed those things because I had guests come visit us in the hospital and I just felt ugly. I didn't like my dirty hair, my lips were killing me from the constant a/c and my legs and arms were all dry and flaky.

So this time, I have a little better understanding as to what I actually need for the hospital. 
Here is what I packed...

Mommy Hospital Bag:
-Cute pajamas...I bought two pairs of lightweight pajama pants and two nursing tank tops to wear with them. I also bought a lightweight robe to throw over my nursing tanks if I get cold or if guests are coming to visit.

-Cute, but comfortable, going home outfit. This is one of those things I definitely didn't think about last time. I felt so horrible going home. This time I am bringing a maternity/nursing maxi dress that I know will be comfortable and just one pair of large full-booty panties.

-All the toiletries. I made sure to pack even shampoo and conditioner because I tend to wash my hair only about once every 3-4 days. If I happen to go to the hospital on day 4 without having washed my's going to need to be washed for me to even feel like a human! Also, the power of taking a shower is amazing. I only took a quick shower during my last hospital stay but I really should have taken my time and let myself relax. I plan on doing that this time! This also obviously includes my toothbrush and paste, brush, face wash, lotion, a few nursing pads and nursing ointment in case my milk actually comes in (not likely) etc.

-Make-up. Yep...I am one of those girls that just doesn't feel pretty with a bare face. Even if I just put on some concealer and mascara, I will feel so much better and then all the pictures won't be horrible either. I want to feel pretty since giving birth is a pretty horrific experience haha. (Obviously this isn't packed yet since I need to wear my makeup still. I do have it all in a carrying box so it will be very easy to plop the box into my bag on our way out the door.)

-Flip flops. So hospital floors are gross and I don't want my feet touching them. Especially the bathroom...and I know I will be making frequent trips to the potty even if it just to change my huge granny panty pad! (Remember....very unattractive things going on after birth....another reason to wear some makeup and feel better about myself!)

-Electronics. Obviously I will want my camera there and my phone with the chargers for both. So far I just have my camera packed since I will be using my phone and phone charger up until I go into labor.

-Snacks. The hospital provides meals but let me tell's never enough (and it doesn't even taste that good!). I packed a few protein bars and then I plan on having hubby get some trail mix or something. (Also, quarters are a good idea for the snack and drink machines if you run out of the snacks you packed.)

-Pillow. Another thing that won't be packed until we are ready to go but this is a very important one for me. The hospital pillows have a scratchy pillowcase and they are the kind that go flat after laying on them for a while. I HATE those pillows. It's hard enough to sleep after having a baby so having my own, comfortable, fluffy pillow is a must!

Baby Hospital Bag: (*Note: these are packed in my bag, not an extra bag to lug around)

-Going home outfit. I couldn't decide on just one (and you never know how big or small the clothes will fit) so I packed two outfits for Madison. This includes a matching bow or beanie. (Considering today was about 90 degrees, I might be adding an outfit that is better suited for hot a onesie!)

-Boppy. This is another one of those things I didn't bring last time that I definitely regretted. Of course you can use the regular hospital pillows to prop up the baby into the correct nursing position but the boppy is just so much easier.

-Blanket. I packed a muslin blanket for the ride home...something simple and lightweight since it should be pretty warm.

-Carseat. Duh! Pretty important since the hospital won't let you take your baby home without one. It's already installed in the car with the covers washed and ready to go.

-Notebook. I want to be sure someone writes down all the things that happen and what time they happen. Things can go very quickly, especially toward the end, and I don't want to forget anything. I have a small pink journal packed to write down the times I get checked, how far along I am, when I get my epidural, etc.

Here are some things you DON'T need to pack that the hospital provides for you (or you just never actually use!):
-Pads and panties. The hospital provides these huge mesh panties that honestly work great for the first couple of days after giving birth. You don't want to worry about bleeding through a small pad that you bought and ruining your own undies. Just wear the heinous mesh panties...they actually rock! (I did pack one pair of undies and a pad for the very short drive home but I plan on wearing the mesh things while in the hospital.)

-Diapers and wipes. This is another thing the hospital provides. Also, take all the diapers they have in the drawer in your room. That's what they are there for!

-Books, magazines, computer. At least for me, my labor progressed so quickly that I didn't have time to even think about being bored enough to read a book. After birth, I was too busy staring at my beautiful new baby and having guests come in to visit. Also, if you have a spare moment to relax, my advice is to actually try to get a few minutes of sleep. It's hard with all the hospital staff coming to check on things and visitors, oh and that new baby you just had, but close your eyes even if it's just for a few minutes. If you absolutely MUST be "connected," you can always check up on things using your phone.

There you have it. My list of must-brings along with the things you can forget at home! Hopefully I am not forgetting anything major and that our hospital stay will go smoothly.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bumpdate: 37 Weeks!

I am officially FULL TERM!!! So crazy. I had a doctor appointment yesterday (I am going every week now until I give birth) and Madison is growing great! She is currently 6 pounds 9 ounces! It's so weird (and scary) to think that I can have her at any time it could happen today. Yikes! My doc did say that I am 1 cm dilated and 30 % effaced but that doesn't mean anything really. I was dilated 2 cm with Brayden for two weeks before being induced. So for right now, it's just drinking tons of water, trying to lay low a bit and waiting.

I have definitely grown and dropped quite a  bit!

-Due Date: September 11

-Weight Gain: Well I LOST 3 pounds since last week so I am up a total of 20 pounds. I am not sure how that happened (even my doc was a little baffled!) but oh well. Madison still gained weight and everything looks great so I am not complaining!

-Gender: GIRL!! Madison Kay.

-Nursery: Complete. Except for a glider. We went shopping for another glider over the weekend and I couldn't make a decision so I need to go back again. I will have a nursery reveal up this week so you can all see the pictures!

-Movement: Still a lot of movement which means Madison is happy!

-Clothing: All maternity except for a few tank tops that I stretch over my belly. Mostly wearing my maxi skirts since it's been pretty warm.

-Cravings: Fruit. It's basically all I want. Maybe that's how I lost the 3 pounds....although I eat just as much ice cream probably so I am sure they cancel each other out.

-Overall Feeling: Tired. Madison is definitely taking lots of my energy and since she is growing so much, my body is constantly working. I am feeling good though besides being tired so I consider myself very lucky!

-Fears: No fears really. Just knowing that IT could happen at any time is a little nerve wracking. Also, my doc told me that if my water breaks, I need to be to the hospital in an hour so hopefully I am close by.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

OC Zoo...Take 2!

We made another trip to the OC Zoo at Irvine Regional Park and this time hubby got to come with us!! It was great! Brayden loved all the animals and of course the train ride was his favorite part of the whole thing. The thing I love about this place is that it's so cheap and it is just the right size for us. It doesn't have a million animals but it has a good variety (unlike the Santa Ana Zoo with basically monkeys and birds). This is definitely a place we like to visit and I can see us coming here more and more when Brayden's interest and attention span grows.

Thumbs up! They were pretty excited!

Hubby testing out his wing span!

Peacocks on roofs...totally normal.

Beaver....we didn't get to see him very well on our last visit so I was happy to see him swimming around this time.

Brayden loved the butterfly!


Looking at the snakes...B was very interested in them.

Brayden had so much fun brushing the goats! 

Silly picture and a mouth full of goldfish but I LOVE it!!

On the train!

Pretty soon we will be a family of 4 and these trips to the zoo will be even more fun!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Bumpdate: 36 Weeks

It's getting very close!! So close in fact that I now start going to the doctor every week. My doctor said that after next week, I will be considered FULL-TERM and the baby could really come any time. Yikes! I am getting a few things done this week to prepare. 1) Packing our hospital bags. I will post about this when I have everything together. 2) I registered at the hospital today. 3) Finishing up the nursery. We just need to hang up the pictures and then it's all ready. I think once I have all those things done, I will feel better about my upcoming due date!

This is the raindrop mobile I made for Madison's room! So happy with how it turned out!

-Due Date: September 11

-Weight Gain: +23 pounds total. Up 3 pounds from my last appointment. Not too bad since I only have 4 weeks left. According to, Madison is really packing on the pounds and now weighs about 6 pounds and is more than 18.5 inches long. I go back to the doc next week for an ultrasound so we will get a good estimate of her size then.

-Gender: GIRL! I just about died over these little Mary Jane's on Zulily the other day. Too bad they were $25 each...not willing to spend that much on shoes that will only get worn 1-2 times and will never touch the ground.

I already have like 50 headbands for Madison but I couldn't resist getting crafty and making these cute felt flower headbands!

-Nursery: Almost done. Hopefully getting it completed this week by hanging up the art work. Although I have decided that I want another glider. We were just going to take the one from Brayden's room and put it in the nursery but we still use Brayden's every night to read books before bed. So I guess we need to get another glider too....THEN the nursery will be done.

-Movement: Madison is still very active! She makes my whole stomach move and she is constantly kicking me in the side. I love it!

-Clothing: All maternity. I stare at all the cute clothes in Target and dream of the day that I get to wear regular clothes again.

-Cravings: Fruit. I can't get enough of it!! I have been eating a bowl of blueberries, strawberries and blackberries every night for dessert.

-Overall Feeling: Tired but anxious. I can't wait to see what she looks like and see what her personality is like. I often wonder if she will be a calm baby like Brayden was or if she will be hyper and active. I just can't wait!

-Fears: No new fears this week. I am feeling more prepared and if I can get my to-do list done this week (hospital bags, nursery) then I think I will feel even better.

On a side note, Brayden is definitely showing his toddler ways. Such as having a tantrum when it's time to get dressed so we can go to the park. Yep, full on crocodile tears, head on the ground tantrum. Awesome.

But then there are moments like this...

Ugh. Melts my heart. It ended up being a great day! Love my crazy little boy!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Life Recently

Since Brayden is an incredibly active 2-year old, I have been trying my very best to get him out and playing every day. Some days are harder than others considering I am getting late into my pregnancy. Honestly, some times I really just don't feel like chasing him around the park and taking him on a walk is virtually impossible since my doctor told me not to do a whole lot of walking (Madison was already in position at my last ultrasound!). So here are some things we have been up to lately!

Playing with chalk!

Doing "pull-ups" with Daddy!

Watching crickets hop around...he thought they were so silly!

He chooses to play in the dirt and rip up fallen leaves while at the park.

He still thinks its HILARIOUS when Elmo sneezes like a trumpet!

One new thing we did recently was go test out a MOMs club I might join. I have been looking for something that would give Brayden regular interaction with other kids his age but also wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg. We are having another baby within the next 5 weeks and diapers aren't cheap! We met at an awesome park and the moms were great. They do weekly play dates with kids grouped by age. This means Brayden would be surrounded by kids his age and would really learn how to interact with them. They also do fun things besides just parks...they do crafts play dates and stuff too. I am pretty excited to be joining this group and hope it really benefits Brayden... and me too!

We have been down to the beach quite a few times recently and Brayden LOVES to run in the sand. He doesn't care too much for sitting and actually playing with sand toys for longer than a few minutes but he could chase the birds all day long!

Also, Madison's room is almost done! I just need to hang the art work and it should be complete. So excited to finally almost feel ready for her to come.

Look at all those little pink clothes!!!

So there you have it! Our crazy little life that is about to get even crazier...and we can't wait!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bumpdate: 35 Weeks

It is getting real people!!! I have roughly 5 weeks left of this pregnancy....only 5 weeks. That is so soon! Luckily I am feeling more and more ready for Madison's arrival so hopefully by the time she actually comes, I will feel fully prepared (or as prepared as I can be!).

Madison is now the size of a honeydew melon. She is about 18 inches long and 5.25 pounds. Things are getting tight in there!!

Brayden thinks Madison makes a great headrest!

Belly is getting bigger!

-Due Date: September 11

-Weight Gain: +20 total pounds

-Gender: GIRL!! Madison Kay

-Nursery: I almost have everything organized. Her clothes are all put away and the baskets are full of soft blankets. I have diapers and wipes ready to go. The only thing I really have left to do in her nursery is hang up the wall art, decorate the bookshelf, bring in the glider and then bring home a baby!! It feels so good that all her clothes are organized. I probably need some more warm clothes in 3 months to get us through the winter but as for right now, we are pretty set.

-Movement: You would think that with her current size and the fact that she is running out of room, that she would be moving less. This is not the case. She still moves around all the time!! My belly goes completely crooked. I love that she still moves around so much but sometimes it is really when I am driving and her feet are practically pushing their way out my side! Crazy little girl.

-Clothing: All maternity. It has been this way for a while and I don't really mind it. I have many more choices this time than when I was pregnant with Brayden so I am not just wearing the same 5 shirts every week. With that being said, I look forward to the day that I can wear some of my cute clothes again. My reward for getting back into shape after having Madison will definitely be clothing!

-Cravings: No true cravings this week. I have been eating a lot of fruit and I actually ate shrimp tacos again! Delish!

-Overall Feeling: Exhausted. I am still not sleeping well and with Madison still being so active, I am mostly just drained of energy. Oh and the fact that I am usually trying to keep up with a 2-year old probably makes me tired too.

-Fears: This might sound dumb but I am afraid my house will just be a complete mess after Madison gets here. I am a pretty clean person and I like to have things put away where they belong. Hubby does not share this feeling. I am hoping that having the house organized will help and then just making sure Brayden picks up his toys at night and reminding hubby that I need help, my house won't be too embarrassing when guests come over to see Madison.