Saturday, October 20, 2012

Almost Back to Normal

...Well as normal as we can get I guess!! Brayden is finally feeling better, woo hoo, and is catching up on some Zzz's as I type this. I should probably do the same but lets be serious, I never nap when he does anymore. Just too much to do! Anyways, I was feeling a little trapped inside since we haven't really made it out of the house much lately, so today we went for a walk and stopped at Brayden's favorite park. It has been quite some time since we went to the park. Between the heat wave we had for a few weeks and then Brayden getting sick, we have been avoiding the outside world almost altogether! Today I decided that enough was enough. We have a beautiful cloudy, cool day that was just begging for us to come outside! I think the fresh air also did Brayden some good...he has been happy for the most part and that makes for a happy momma!

Hopefully those bags under his eyes are gone when he wakes up from his nap. Poor kid needed some sleep!
I am so glad he is feeling better and just hope that the puking episode from the other night doesn't repeat itself anytime soon...gross!

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