Saturday, November 12, 2011


Tonight was the night people!! Brayden has been grabbing things and bringing them directly to his mouth and his doctor said that would be the sign that he is ready for some rice cereal. Of course we have it on video! Brayden seemed to like the rice cereal but after the camera stopped rolling, Brayden must have realized that he was very hungry and wasn't getting his food fast enough...he freaked out!! So our first attempt with rice cereal was a success but he only ate about 10 very small spoons of it and then he was ready for his regular meal. We will try again tomorrow and see what happens!

Oh and the other video...its just Brayden showing you that he is a pro at rolling over now. Enjoy!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy 4 Months!!

Whelp...Brayden is officially 4 months old today and I can't even believe it. It seems like just yesterday I had him and at the same time, I can't remember what my life was like without him (besides the full nights sleep!). He is doing some pretty funny things these days and I have a feeling this little boy of ours is going to be quite the little ham! He is constantly smiling and giggling and his laugh is just the cutest thing I have ever heard! Some of his favorite things are when I say "guess what?", make a surprised face, Chance says "whose your daddy?" (yes, that actually happens!), and pretty much whenever you make a funny face! The most recent thing to make him laugh is when Brayden's Auntie Samantha tickled his thighs and said "thunder thighs!!" Brayden laughed every single time!

He is also doing some pretty cool new things like grabbing things and bringing them to his mouth, reaching out to touch things, watching tv!, and discovering his toes! He is really becoming such a little man and his personality shows more every day! He loves to be held but he also love to scoot around on the floor....oh and by the way, Brayden is getting very close to he pulls his knees under his body and is basically on all fours and he sways back and forth! Scary!!! He still doesn't sleep through the night but I am hoping that changes when we start him on some rice cereal which will be in the near future...don't worry, we will have video documentation of this major event! Also, I am not the only one going bald in this family! Yep....Chance is balding already! HAHA just kidding! But really though...Brayden is balding and it now looks like he is wearing a toupee...its not a good look.

One thing I am really looking forward to...besides to stop the holidays this year. It is going to be so much more fun to decorate for Christmas and buy gifts for Brayden. By that time he should be sitting up and will even be able to open some presents...although he will probably be more interested in the wrapping paper than the actual gifts. So cheers to another month of life for my growing boy!
Game day! Go Alabama!


Loves his mini blanket!

In a staring contest with the bear!


Lee :)

Giggling with Auntie Sam!!!

Here is Auntie Sam making Brayden laugh!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

4 Month Stats

So Brayden isn't exactly 4 months just yet but we had his 4 month appointment and I know you have all been dying to know how much Brayden weighs so here we go.....are you ready?!?! He currently weighs a whopping 13 pounds 10 ounces. Okay so its not as whopping as we thought he was going to be but he sure feels heavy to me! This puts him in the 50th percentile for weight and he made the 97th percentile in length coming in at 26 inches!

Overall, his doctor appointment went well. He is in perfect health according to his pediatrician. She said that he will be ready to start eating solid foods in the next couple of months. Oh boy!! He also got two shots and an oral vaccine and he didn't do too bad at all. He didn't even notice his first shot and he seemed to enjoy the oral vaccine but that second shot was not his friend!!! He let out quite the scream but it stopped just about as quickly as it started! Such a tough little boy.

Today we took some professional pictures and I can't wait to get them back. The next three weeks of waiting just might kill me!! Brayden behaved really well for the most part but toward the end he was really over it. Who can blame him?! He did a great job though and I think we will have some really great shots! Get ready for a super cute Christmas card this year :)

I can't leave you without pictures so here ya go!
Such a happy boy!

Attempting to get a picture of us with him smiling

Nakey Boy!!!

Holding his own bottle...getting so big!!


Our Halloween was pretty uneventful, however, I am pretty sure Brayden made the cutest lobster ever! We were over at my parents house to pass out candy to the little trick-or-treaters and watch the Chargers game of course! Brayden didn't last long in his adorable costume but it was long enough to get some cute pictures! Don't worry...he didn't eat too much candy!
This is how the day started :)

Little Lobster

And this is how the day ended....yep,
that's my husband!