Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sick Baby=Worried Mommy

Yesterday seemed pretty normal until Brayden began to be very whiny and very hot. I'm talking, even his hands were hot!! I knew something was up because he wasn't happy and whined even when laying on me. That NEVER happens. And even more rare than that, he didn't want to eat dinner!! Say what?!?! Who was this child that invaded my sweet, happy, hungry little boy?? When we finally got home and walked through the front door, Brayden so kindly took out his pacifier and puked all over me. Lovely. The sweet life of being a mom! Anyways, I immediately gave him some fever reducer and pain reliever and put him down to sleep. I obsessively checked on him throughout the night to make sure he didn't have a fever and his crib was free of vomit. 

Luckily, we had already scheduled his 15-month wellness check for this morning so we were off to the doc after some waffle (which he has kept down so far)! The doc gave us some suggestions as to what to feed him and what to look for in the next few days. We got some Pedialite to keep him hydrated and he will be eating very bland food if his waffle says  down. Lucky him!!

 I absolutely HATE seeing my baby boy not feeling well! I am pretty sure my heart broke last night when he was inconsolable! Poor thing! I could barely sleep last night and checked on him probably at least 5 times but he has been in good spirits this morning, running around and being silly. We are hoping that means he slept off most of this sickness and will be back to normal very soon.

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