Monday, October 22, 2012

Toddler Fun!!

One morning a while back, Brayden was watching the husband shave before he went to work. Husband quickly decided that Brayden needed to experience the joys of shaving cream! Into the highchair he went and shaving cream was splattered all over his tray. Brayden was a little hesitant at first because he was so unsure. Well that didn't last long. The kid went nuts!!! Waving his arms frantically, yelling at the top of his lungs, laughing at himself, and flinging shaving cream everywhere!! Great idea. Just great.

It's safe to say that we will be doing this little, but messy, activity again soon. It really was a great idea and it was so funny to watching Brayden feel the texture of the shaving cream. Brayden had a blast and surprisingly, didn't try to put the shaving cream in his mouth! Awesome! The best part about this didn't cost any money! We didn't have to buy a new toy and since the hubs uses super cheap shaving cream, it cost next to nothing for the small amount we let Brayden play with. We are putting this down in the books as one of the best ideas ever....way to go Hubs!!

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