Tuesday, October 30, 2012

DIY Wall Art

I got my inspiration from Pinterest (where else do I find inspiration?) and I got working right away. I headed to JoAnn Fabrics about 2 months ago to get my letters and spray paint but they didn't have an Ampersand. I looked everywhere and could not find one unless I bought it online and I just wasn't willing to spend the money. So I waited. I knew a Hobby Lobby was opening in my area so I just waited until it finally opened! Of course they had an ampersand and luckily my dad had some white spray paint! Today I finally got to hang my wall art and see it all done...I LOVE it!

It's hard to tell from the picture but the letters are dark blue, the same shade as the dark blue pillow on the bed. Obviously, the ampersand is white. I really love how it turned out and it was so easy!

I have been trying to make this new apartment more of a home for us. In our past apartments, we didn't really decorate much because we knew it was just temporary. Well I am sick of living in a place that has to heart! I love hanging pictures and decorating so I was determined to make this apartment feel super homey. It is coming along slowly but surely and I have been trying to do everything on the cheap! I will post more of my home decor as it comes along!

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