Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkin Letdown!

The past couple of years I have really regretted not carving a pumpkin for Halloween so this year it was a must! Well, I don't know why I was so excited. You see, the actual carving of the pumpkin is pretty fun, when you aren't getting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The hubs and I were very proud of our carving skills and he bought special lights...strobe lights!! go inside. Then I attempted to bake the pumpkin seeds this year but that was a huge fail...maybe I should actually read the recipe next time. At least our pumpkins looked cool!

Everything was great until the very next day. MOLD!!! Seriously, how does a pumpkin get mold so fast! The small amount of mold added to the creepiness of the hubs awesome pumpkin however, I thought it was rather repulsive! Today the pumpkins went in the trash. They didn't even make it to Halloween super lame! And now I know why I didn't carve pumpkins and I think the only reason I will carve pumpkins in the future is for the seeds...which I will attempt to bake again and hopefully not completely scorch them..yeah. Also, there are so many other ways to decorate pumpkins now and I think we will be going that route next year. Something like these maybe...

These are both from Young House Love

I think Brayden would really enjoy doing the paint and the tissue paper pumpkins and they wouldn't be moldy the next day. So after a disappointing pumpkin situation this year...I am looking forward to next year! Any other pumpkin ideas??

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