Saturday, October 27, 2012

Teeth...and a lot of them!

Yesterday I was talking with another momma (her son is 8 months) and she mentioned how he already has 7 teeth! Brayden is 15 months and has all of his teeth and I guess I didn't realize how fast he got them until I started hearing other mommas talk about teething children that are the same age as Brayden. 
Look at all those teeth!!
Brayden started teething at 3 months and had his first two teeth by 4 months. Since then it has been non-stop teething until now. Finally!! Don't get me wrong, he was usually very good with teething and was never unbearably grouchy or in massive amounts of pain. I was very lucky! He didn't lose much sleep while teething and that is amazing because he practically didn't stop teething until about a month ago when he got his last molars and canines. It would have made for a VERY LONG 15 months had he been in lots of pain! When Brayden was in a little bit of pain, we could usually soothe him with a mesh pacifier filled with frozen fruit and if that didn't work, we would break down and give him some pain reliever. I never tried the amber teething necklace or any other methods. What worked for your teething baby?

Now that Brayden has all of his teeth, we are going to explore some new foods. He understands chewing so we have been giving him bigger chunks of food so he can get used to using his teeth instead of just mushing it around until it was soft and gooey...gross! We have been giving him things like Wheat Thins that are crunchier and harder to chew than the soft crackers we were giving him before. Anyways, when did your child get teeth and how did you soothe them?? 

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