Monday, August 24, 2015

California Vacation

We always have so much fun in California. We get to see so much of my family (and I get to see my friends!) and we always pack our time full of fun adventures!

We were up before the sun but the kids still had smiles on their faces!

So ladylike!

Sleeping babe and a sleepy mama!

Stretching those legs after our long plane ride. And sporting her brother's shoes!

After some fun in the backyard, our first adventure was to the park! It's been so hot in Alabama that we haven't been to the park in quite a while. The kids were pretty excited!

Does anyone else's 86-year old grandpa still get on a swing?! He's pretty awesome!

 More backyard fun!

This trip included another visit to Legoland! We went for the first time on our last visit to CA so this was our second time there. Brayden started out a little grouchy but once we went on a ride, he was all smiles!

Ice cream break!

Sleepy little girl!

Brayden loved the water park too!

Splash pad at Legoland!

Little sassy pants!

Pretend City was also on the agenda! 

Our next adventure was a combined birthday party! Brayden chose superheroes and we did Tinker Bell for Madison. It was so nice to be surrounded by family to celebrate my crazy kids!

Madison, you're drunk, go home! HAHA!!

Little diva! Unicorn backpack and sunglasses. So stylish!

Cupcakes! Of course Brayden didn't want anything to do with his after blowing out the candle. "Cupcakes aren't healthy!"

Madison, on the other hand, was all about the frosting!

And this mama got some pampering time! Finally got my hair done after 8 months!

More backyard fun.

Movie night!

Silly girl.

Sister, sister!

It was truly an amazing trip!!

And this happened on the plane ride home. Two napping kiddos! Miracle!

We love our trips to CA and we are so beyond blessed that we get to go so often! However, I am so freaking excited for my mom to be coming out here to stay with us for almost a week. She will be here for Madison's birthday! It's going to be so fun!!