Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

I am so excited about my first-ever rug purchase!! After hearing about a 50% off sale at I decided to go check it out. I had read some other blog posts mentioning the same website before so I knew I would be getting a great rug. I found the perfect rug in the perfect color and it was only $150 for a 5x8....such a great price! Most other rugs I had been looking at were in the $250-$300 range and I was just not willing to spend that much money on something that would lay on my floor. After ordering my rug, I kept an eye out for a shipping email. Funny thing...I got the shipping email and the rug delivered on the same day!! I don't know if it's because of where we live or if the website is just THAT fast but I was one happy lady! And know this little gem is living in my front room.

It goes perfect with the art we have on the wall and the pillows on the couch. We are NO WHERE near finished with this room but I tend to take my time when decorating. I can't spend a ton of money at one time and I am generally pretty picky about the things I buy. As for now, this rug has made a HUGE difference in the room and I couldn't be happier!

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