Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bumpdate: 21 Weeks!

Baby Madison is now the size of a pomegranate and is about 10.5 inches and 12.7 ounces. She can taste now which makes sense! In the ultrasound we saw her swallowing!

-Due Date: September 11

-Weight Gain: I see the doc on Thursday so I will have an update for my weight next week.

-Gender: GIRL! And I get to shop for adorable things like this!!! *Swoon*

-Movement: Tons of movement way down low. Can't wait for the hubby to feel her!

-Clothing: Wearing mostly maternity shirts and still wearing both maternity and regular pants.

-Cravings: Not too many cravings this week yet. I did buy some hot, caffeine-free tea though and I don't usually have that.

-Overall Feeling: I am definitely tired this week from all the partying over the weekend. I am still managing to be productive so that's good!

-Fears: I still have the same fears as last week but recently Brayden has shown interest in potty training. I am scared to potty train! Haha. I just know that it will be full of excitement and struggles. Obviously though it would be amazing to only have Madison in diapers!

I am really excited to start planning the baby shower and getting things ready for baby Madison. I can't wait to get the nursery going and see how it all comes together...hopefully it looks the way it does in my head!  I have TONS of cleaning and organizing to do before Madison gets here so I think once I get going, it will all come together quickly.

AANNNDDD, I am now the proud new owner of the amazing diaper bag on the left! So excited to have a backpack diaper bag that will give me two free hands! Also, the art on the right is my inspiration for Madison's nursery. I don't like the saying on it at all but all the colors and the birds and the general feel of the art is perfect! Here is to hoping I can find what I am looking for or I might need to find someone that can paint this on a really large canvas. (Fingers crossed!) 

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