Thursday, May 23, 2013

22 Months!

Ahhh! In less than two months, my sweet boy will officially be 2!! I can't even believe it. Sometimes when he cuddles up against me, I remember those days when he didn't yet crawl, walk or run and would just rest against me all day. Those days were awesome but honestly, these days are just as awesome. Brayden is so incredibly smart and funny! He is constantly wowing us with his knowledge and sentences and then cracks us up when something like this happens: 

Me: "Hey bud, it's time to go home."

Brayden: "No, I'm sleeping." As he rests his head against a pillow at my parent's house.

Or this:

Brayden is playing in the backyard and grabs this owl my mom keeps on the back porch. He says to the owl "come on owl!" like they are best friends.

So stinking cute!

He is also turning into quite the little toddler with a toddler attitude at times. His favorite word is "no" and he has decided to tell me that when I tell him to do something. That doesn't usually go over very well. The tantrums, or getting in trouble and crying over it, doesn't last long and he is back with a smile on his face and playing with his toys.

-PBS Kids
-Disney Junior
-any carbs
-green beans
-"potatoes" which are both actual potatoes as well as tomatoes!
-water...playing and drinking
-drawing...he recently took a pen to our couch and drew on every cushion...yeah, that wasn't a good morning!
-swinging (he didn't like the swing for a while but now he is back to liking it)
-giving "squeezes" or hugs as normal people call them
-movies...Tangled and The Lion King are his two current favorites
-playing with shapes and cars and puzzles
-being in just a diaper
-being outside

-going home...he won't say goodbye to family to avoid leaving their house
-going to bed...he whines when I tell him it's time but once he gets in bed and I shut the door, I don't hear a peep
-changing his diaper
-putting on sunscreen
-wearing hats indoors
-seeing other people or babies cry. He gets really upset and wants them to stop crying. My sweet boy has such a big heart!
-getting in trouble (obviously)
-changing his clothes
-getting out of bed in a hurry in the mornings. He loves to stay in his crib for about 30 minutes after waking up and just play. When we have to hurry out the door in the mornings, he tends to be a little grouchy.

Honestly though, Brayden is at such an awesome stage. Hubby really enjoys playing with him and just said to me the other morning how much fun Brayden is. We couldn't ask for a better little boy and we can't wait for him to be a big brother! We know he will be great!

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