Monday, April 1, 2013


Every year our whole family gets together for Easter. It's one of my favorite holidays for this very reason. We start off the day with opening easter "baskets" and then we usually do the Easter egg hunt. We didn't hide any eggs for Brayden at my parents house this year because we knew he would be hunting eggs at the family party and we were already pressed for time. Also, he doesn't really care about the eggs. Once he gets them, he likes to open and close them but he really doesn't care about anything inside (and he doesn't eat any candy so most eggs are a total bust for him!). 

He didn't get an actual basket this year. I reused one of his birthday presents from last year and as you can see, the box was much larger than any basket. He also got a bubble gun, sidewalk chalk with a holder, and some cookie cutter shapes that will be great to use with our Moon Sand.

We quickly opened the bubble gun and he loved it!

Then after the hubs put together the bubble mower, Grandpa 
helped him learn how to use it.

After opening and playing with his presents, it was time to head over to my Aunt and Uncle's house. It was the first time anyone had been there and they have done so much work to the house since they bought it! It was so fun to see all the changes from the "before" pictures.

There was a huge pile of dirt in the backyard at my Aunt and Uncle's house and it was Brayden's favorite part of the day.

Brayden hunting for eggs with Grandpa!

Auntie Sam was a great bag holder!

We knew he was done hunting eggs when he started taking eggs out of his bag and putting them in the cup holders of this chair. Ha!

He opened all the eggs and we took all his candy. Aren't we so mean?!? 

Did I mention that this party took place during Brayden's naptime? Yeah...the party started at noon and Brayden usually goes down at 12:30. I wasn't really worried about him being grouchy or anything because as long as he is entertained, I knew he would be happy even without his regular nap. He was great all day, got filthy playing in the dirt, took a bath and then hunted for eggs. I would say it was a fantastic Easter!

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