Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bumpdate: 19 Weeks!

Our baby is now the size of a large heirloom tomato and hair is starting to grow!! (In case you missed our gender reveal...click here!) Also, some research suggests that the baby can now hear voices...I guess it's time to start reading some books to my belly!

-Due Date: September 11

-Weight Gain: I am +6 from my original weight...not too shabby. Maybe I should cut back on the sugar cookies though!

-Gender: Go check out our gender reveal!! Click HERE!

-Movement: Again, more movement this week and it is becoming more consistent. I LOVE feeling the baby move! I have felt some small movements from outside so it shouldn't be long until hubby can feel it too!

-Clothing: I am still wearing my regular jeans and some of my regular shirts...the stretchy ones anyways! 

-Cravings: Well the sugar cookies I mentioned above have been sitting on my kitchen table since the gender reveal on Friday...lets just say there aren't as many left as there should be. Oops!

I am really starting to feel pregnant...not just fat so that's always a good thing! Also, I have been loving looking on Pinterest and figuring out how we will decorate the nursery! I will give a sneak peek soon!

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