Monday, April 22, 2013

Bumpdate: 20 Weeks!

Holy cow people...I am HALF done with this pregnancy! And from last time, I know the second half flies by unbelievably fast. Baby Madison is now the length of a banana which explains all the movement I have been feeling up toward my ribs. She is also about 10 1/2 ounces! We will be going for the full anatomy scan on Thursday and I am anxious for two things: 1) for the sex to be confirmed. There was a clear picture when we went to the doc last time but this will just be a for sure answer. 2) to see how well she is growing and to know that she is growing correctly!
On a side note, I LOVE my new, sparkly phone case.

-Due Date: September 11

-Weight Gain: I will find out at the end of next week. As of right now, still +6 overall.

-Gender: GIRL!! Name will be Madison Kay...Maddie for short. If you want to see how I told hubby the gender, click HERE!

-Movement: More and more movement and I love it all! She moves a lot when I drink something cold and I can feel her moving around every morning.

-Clothing: I am still wearing both my regular clothes and maternity clothes although my regular shirts are getting a little short in the front. We don't need any belly hanging out so those might get retired until after Maddie arrives.

-Cravings: I had a strong craving for shrimp tacos this week but I definitely satisfied that by going to Chili's for lunch with Brayden. It's rare that I take him out to lunch on my own so it was a fun little date for the two of us. Something I really want to do more often, especially after Maddie arrives.

-Overall Feeling: Great! I am so blessed to be having another smooth pregnancy and I just pray that it continues this way for the remainder of this pregnancy. I love being able to still interact and run around with Brayden. I don't take that for granted at all!! I know it will be difficult to run around with him once Maddie arrives and hubby is off to work. At least for the first couple of months.

-Fears: I am adding this category because quite frankly, pregnancy can be scary and thinking about all the changes to come is even more frightening. I am afraid for Brayden. I don't want him to feel like he isn't loved as much anymore when Maddie comes. I am also afraid of the jealousy to come. I know we will deal with it when it happens and try our best to involve Brayden so he doesn't feel jealous, but it always happens so I am preparing for it mentally. I also want to make a few small packages to bring out on particularly rough days. Maybe "gifts" from his little sister for being such a great big brother. Just a few simple either toys or books that will occupy him during a feeding or during Maddie's naps. I think these could really help in the long run and make Brayden feel like he is still very much loved not only by us, but also by his little sister.

So there you have it. Everything there is to know about my pregnancy right now and about my "pregnancy" state of mind!

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