Monday, April 29, 2013

Best. Weekend. Ever.

Our amazing weekend started with hubby coming home on Thursday night since he had Friday off from the academy. Then my sister came in on Friday morning and we all started getting everything set up for her ENGAGEMENT party! We got a ton accomplished and had a great time catching up and playing with Brayden. Mike flew in that night and we all hit the hay to hopefully be well-rested for their big party on Saturday.

Saturday morning I headed over to my parents house to help set up for the party and make all the party drinks (Sangria, margarita, lemonade and fancy water). My boys slept in until 10 am!!! Sleepy heads. It was swim time at 11:20 and my sister and Mike came with us to witness the incredible cuteness that is Brayden swimming!

After swim class, it was time to get ready for the party!! Brayden decided a nap was not necessary for the day and continued to play. Crazy child! 
I made the banners for the party! So fun to get creative again.

"She said YES!"

My mom's friend made this amazing sign...hand painted!

The beautiful couple! 

The cousins all playing together!

Some of the family


Grandma and Grandpa were too far to kiss...awkward! Haha.

We broke out the cornhole and of course a tournament ensued! Go Grandpa!

After a long and exhausting day, we all crashed. It was seriously the best engagement party ever! We couldn't be happier for Sam and Mike. They are so perfect for each other and he fits so well into our family!

The next day we went back over to my parents house to soak up all the Sam and Mike we could get. Brayden found the drink bucket from the party to be extremely entertaining!

This was a weekend I think we will always remember and I am so glad (almost) everyone was able to make it to the party. I know Sam and Mike were so happy to see family and friends there to celebrate their engagement. Today I am officially pooped out and having a lazy Monday to get my energy back. 

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