Sunday, April 7, 2013

Brayden's First Swim Class!

It's official. Brayden has started his very first class. This is a "parent & me" swim class so I get to do it with him. He was very hesitant at first and gripped onto me like a leech! After a while he started to adjust to the water and by the end, he was no longer clenching his legs around me. I would call our first class a huge success. We have 7 more classes this spring so I am sure by the very end, Brayden will be comfortable in the water. Perfect timing for those hot summer days!

He was very unsure!

Splashing was obviously his favorite part!

He was not a fan of blowing bubbles. He only liked when I did it and he wanted nothing to do with putting his mouth in the water.

He was NOT about to let me pull him in front of me so I could show him how to kick his legs...

...but he eventually got used to it and was kicking on his own!

I am so proud of Brayden already and I am so excited for him to get comfortable in the water! Hooray for swim class! (Oh and it's great motivation for me to get my legs in better shape...yikes! I start my leg lifts today!)

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