Thursday, April 11, 2013

21 Months!

Oh boy! Brayden is growing up so fast and it has been extremely obvious in the last month. He can practically have a conversation! He loves to talk and has something to say about everything! He is absolutely cracking us up on a daily basis. I am so beyond blessed to have Brayden as my son and it makes me so happy when random people say how cute he is or how well he is talking. He is seriously the joy of my life and I can't believe that come September, he will become a big brother and we will get to experience all new things together!

-food...he eats almost everything
-drinks...he still likes plain water and if he has juice it's always WAY watered down
-eating things on his own...he likes to hold the whole banana and the whole string cheese. No more cutting into pieces for this boy! (Obviously I still cut things that are a choking hazard!)
-Tangled...seriously, his obsession is so weird. He asks to watch it every morning and then when it's over, he asks to watch it again. Like I said...weird!
-jumping...he recently experienced his first bouncy house and LOVED it! View pictures below.
-running...he will constantly ask to run which means he wants you to chase him...or he says "go, go, go" can you say no?!
-drawing...but he likes to use a pen now, not crayons. Thankfully he is pretty good about keeping it on the paper and he knows that we only draw on paper! He has yet to draw on the walls...and now I just cursed myself!
-reading books...he always asks for a book when he wakes up.
-the park
-sidewalk chalk...we never go to the park without it!
-pacifiers...I fear the day I have to take those away!
-napping and bedtime...tonight he actually laid his head down on a couch pillow and said "night night Mommy" so I asked him if he was tired and ready for bed. He said yes! Gave him his beloved pacis and he hit the hay without a peep. Love it!
-blankies...he has three blankets that he absolutely loves. He must sleep with at least one of them and he cuddles with them throughout the day.
-flashlights...he thinks it funny when he shines it on me and I put my hands up as if he were the police!
-bubbles...every time we are at his grandparents house, he asks for the bubble machine. This means any device that makes bubbles!

-putting shoes on
-long diaper when poo is everywhere. That is the moment he decides he doesn't want his legs held and insists on kicking my hands away. Awesome.
-when I cook and can't give him my attention...of course this is when he says "up Mommy" and pulls at my pants.
-being in the car for too long...I am talking anything over 30 minutes he starts to get antsy, throws his paci and then wants me to give it back to him as if I have octopus arms!

Bubble gun!

In the fort with Grandpa..and a flashlight!

Watching cartoons on GiGi's spoiled!

Relaxing like a true boy.

This is how he entertains himself while I cook dinner!

Putting one of his favorite blankies over his own head...he loves it so much, he is willing to suffocate himself!

He LOVED the bouncy house...I think it might make an appearance at his 2nd birthday party!

 I can't believe that he will soon be 2...I guess I should start figuring out what I am doing for his party. Tangled theme?!?! Ha I don't think the hubby would like that too much! So happy 21 months to my not-so-baby boy! We are in such an amazing stage right now where we have very few tantrums and he mostly listens. He is so much dang fun! I more than love spending my whole days with him. I just can't believe sometimes how lucky we are to have such an amazing son and that we get to expand our family again. Life is perfect!

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