Sunday, November 4, 2012

Truly a Great Weekend

It seemed like it had been forever since I had seen my sister when it had actually only been a little over a month. She felt the same way too. It's a little crazy how much she is my best friend and I am so unbelievably happy that she has been in town this weekend. Obviously, her boyfriend came with her and that is even better! Love them!! 

So while they have been here, I have been spending lots of time away from my computer. She leaves early Tuesday morning so I need to get all the quality sister time I can before then! I went with her last night to a "holiday" tradition that started over 21 years ago called "Fakesgiving." Sounds a little strange but it was amazing!! She started going to Fakesgiving at a good friends house over 6 years ago and has never missed the celebration. Basically, it is the Thanksgiving holiday with all the food, beverages, and family/friends you could ask for but in the beginning of November. This way, all the friends are able to come because they aren't tied up with family parties and everyone still gets to spend the holiday together. Amazing!! They are seriously brilliant! We had such a good time and it was so fun to visit all of my sister's friends as well.

Today was definitely more laid back and by that I mean we didn't really leave the couch all day. We were slightly exhausted. Especially because Brayden didn't understand the time change and decided to wake up an hour early on top of the time being different. He was awake at 6 am. Yikes! That is never good when you didn't fall asleep until after 1:00 am. We were able to keep our eyes open enough to watch football and then even more quality family time was spent tonight with my dad's side of the family. We ate delicious food, again, and watched MNF while Brayden entertained everyone. 

It has been a weekend for the record books! I love spending time with my sister and since she moved to San Francisco early this year, I don't get to see her on the daily basis that I was used to. I will be sad when she leaves on Tuesday but at least she will be back for the real Thanksgiving and we will be stuffing our faces again before I know it!

Oh and one really exciting thing? Brayden is saying so many new words and one of them is "Auntie." Samantha was so beyond excited, she might have cried! It was so super cute!
He was having such a great time sticking his hands in the cold spa!

He put his hand right in front of the hose and got soaked...
And he thought it was really funny!
He was making clicking sounds to call the birds!

I really love his blue eyes! them! This is 4 generations!
As you can tell, Brayden has had a pretty good weekend too! I will be back probably on Tuesday. Although depressed because my sister will be gone, I will post about the rest of her visit and an update on the rest of us!

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