Thursday, November 1, 2012

15 Month Stats

Finally!! The last time we tried to go in for Brayden's 15 month wellness check, Brayden had a fever and threw up on me the night before. Apparently, they don't do a wellness check when they aren't "well." Who knew!?! Today we went back to the doc for his 15 month wellness check now that he is actually well. It was all good news! He is developing right on track and looks healthy as ever! Just what every mother wants to hear!

Height: 31 inches, just below 50th percentile. Weight: 24 lbs. 50th percentile

Unfortunately, after all the good news, it was time for shots. Brayden had to get 4 shots this time! Poor little guy! 

This appointment was a little different then his previous appointments. Brayden hated every part! Normally he doesn't mind getting his temperature taken, ears checked, eyes checked and tummy felt. This time, Brayden started crying before the doc even put the thermometer under his arm. Yikes! Talk about breaking a momma's heart! 

When we left the office, Brayden was back to his normal self and I am hoping we don't have any reactions to his shots. As for now, I am incredibly happy that I have a healthy little boy!

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