Friday, November 9, 2012

Talking Machine!

I posted about Brayden talking a while back and thought I would give an update. He is saying new words all the time and now we really need to watch what we say around him. AKA no curse words! We might need to start a curse jar now and then maybe by the time Brayden is ready for college, we would have enough money to put him through without taking loans! Or we can do the right thing and stop cussing.'s a tie! Just kidding people!

Anyways, here are some new words he has been saying as of late:
-wawa for water
-cat...and he "meows"

He also growls like a lion every time he sees a lion or if we talk in a deep voice. I don't think that counts as a word but it sure makes us laugh! 
He is learning so much and so fast! It is so fun to hear him say a new word and that happens almost every day. I am sure there are words Brayden says that I am forgetting to type but I can always update the post.

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