Tuesday, November 13, 2012

16 Month Stats!

I can't seem to keep up with the passing months...they just come and go WAY too quickly! I am late on this post again but better late than never! Brayden is talking up a storm, as you can tell from my posts about all the words he is saying! He is saying even more words since I updated the last talking post. I swear he says a new word every day. Before we know it, he will be talking in sentences...that's a scary thought!

I am seriously loving this stage with Brayden right now. He mostly listens to what I say although sometimes he blatantly ignores me. He has so much personality and he is so dang funny!! He makes the silliest faces and when he realizes people are laughing at him, he does it over and over again. Brayden is very into music and has even started to "sing" when he recognizes the song. Songs like "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"...it is so stinkin' cute!! 

We are in a weird stage with clothing right now because a lot of his 12 months stuff isn't fitting anymore but some 18 months stuff is still too big. The shirts are fine but it's the pants that are trouble. They are either perfect in the waist but then it looks like Brayden is ready for a flood, or they are huge in the waist and they are the perfect length! Ugh! He only has one belt that fits right and it's bright blue so that makes finding coordinating outfits sort of a challenge. Although, at the rate he is growing, it wont be a challenge for much longer! 

Besides singing and talking, here are the other things Brayden likes:
-baths and any type of water
-chicken...and making the chicken noise
-technology(iPad, iPhone, etc.)
-spinning in circles (he says "dizzy")
-Disney...which he also says and it sounds exactly like dizzy
-hot dogs
-closing doors
-brushing his teeth

Things Brayden doesn't like:
-getting things taken away from him...phone, tooth brush, pens, etc.
-most veggies...still! ugh!
-the car seat
-waiting for his food (30 seconds in the microwave is just TOO long!)
-getting his hair washed in the bath
-changing his diaper and clothes

Honestly, Brayden is such a joy!! He makes me want to have another one but I know that will happen when the time is right. As for now, we are enjoying every second we have with Brayden!!

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