Monday, November 19, 2012

Patience Cap

After my rant about the "Other Mothers" I decided that you all should know the super fun part about our new routine. 

Early last week, I was getting easily frustrated with Brayden and he was easily frustrated by everything. We were having a rough morning. I am pretty sure my exact words to the hubby were "my patience cap is off in some other country!" Yeah, I was having a bad moment and realized that I was losing all my patience. I decided that we both needed a little fresh air. I strapped him into the jogging stroller and off we went. I got to get my frustrations out by walking and jogging and Brayden was removed from the situation so all was better. On top of that, it was getting close to Brayden's nap time and I really wanted to wear him out so we stopped at the park. He played for a while and got out his energy and then we walked back home. It was a great way to make that last hour before his nap not so miserable.

A snack of goldfish and water on
the way to the park.
Just soaking up the morning sun!

Last week we did our walk/park routine 4 times!! I haven't worked out that many days in a row in I don't know how long. I guess it's not really working out since I just walk but hey, it's more than I was doing before! 

So you will be seeing tons of park pictures because we are practically going every day. I try to take him to different parks so he doesn't get bored. We have two in our neighborhood and then two in my parents neighborhood. I think we are covered in the park department!

Dirt and wood is good!
Playing peek-a-boo!

So here's a tip for you: when you have lost all your patience and you want to pull your hair out, just take your crazy child outside. Go for a short walk with the stroller, let your kid walk themselves, go to the park...just go outside! Your patience cap will be replaced and your child will be happy and tired...which means he will take a good nap.

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