Saturday, November 17, 2012


With the sun setting WAY earlier and the cooler weather, it has been a little more difficult to keep Brayden entertained and happy in the evenings. During the summer, we were playing outside until around 7:30 and now we are inside by 5 at the latest. Brayden starts to get frustrated and antsy by about 6:30...which makes for a long hour and a half before Brayden's bedtime. 

So, it is time to get creative with ways to keep Brayden happy. Tonight while I was preparing dinner, I came across my muffin tin and instantly thought it would be a perfect toy. You see, Brayden has started to "organize" things. Especially when he eats, he will put his food in the cup holder, take the food out, eat a few pieces, and then put his food back in the cup holder. A muffin tin that has 6 "cup holders" is like hitting the toddler jackpot!! I decided to put some penne noodles in the tin so he would have something to "organize." It was definitely a successful activity and I think it's something Brayden will like to do pretty often. It kept him happy for at least 30 minutes. I also brought out an old wipes container and a tupperware bowl. He was a happy camper which meant I was a happy momma!!

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