Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It's November Mother Earth!!!

We are six days into November and it is still so friggin' hot!! Yesterday it was in the high 80s so staying in our hot apartment was not an option! Since we don't have a backyard, we went to my parents house. Immediately, we went outside to play with a huge bowl of water. Using cups to fill up and then empty out...so fun! 

Apparently that just wasn't cutting it for him so he headed out to the front yard to play with the water hose! Clearly it was time for swim trunks!

It started like this...playing with the hose with his friend (my parents neighbor)..

and ended like this! Laying flat in the puddle of water that had gathered on the sidewalk! He was LOVING it!

After some inside time, we went back to his favorite thing, the water! He also has a new favorite thing, brushing his own teeth. Crazy child!

On a side note, time changes suck! This was even supposed to be the good one where we gain an hour of sleep. Well try telling that to a toddler. Nope! He was good and awake at 6 am and it looks like 6:30 is his new official wake-up time. Yikes! Pouring my large cup of coffee now...

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