Monday, November 12, 2012

Is It Finally Fall??

It has been fall-ish for about the last week here in Southern California and we are loving every second of it! We have been spending so much time outside because we can actually be outside without sweating! It's the small things in life. We have been wearing jackets and shoes and long pants...who would have thought this day would ever come. With the cooler weather, we have been able to go to the park and go on walks which we haven't been able to do consistently for a while. I miss it! Today we went on a run as a that tells you a little something about how much we love fall! It was great...the weather was perfect and it was so nice to escape the confines of our apartment for a little bit before Brayden's nap. So here are some photos of us enjoying fall from the last few days!
My two favorite boys!

The red "bubbles" at Target are obviously the highlight of the shopping trip!

Playing Peek-a-Boo!

Running inside to get warm!

So there you have it! I absolutely LOVE the cooler weather and Brayden does too...we spend so much more time outside! We are all happy campers here in the Sentelle house!

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