Thursday, November 15, 2012

Making Friends

Brayden doesn't have regular contact with kids his age so I have always been a little hesitant to take him to the park when there are a lot of kids there. I have a huge fear that he is going to hit someone...I would feel TERRIBLE!!! He doesn't regularly hit or anything so I am not sure why that is such a big fear but it is. 

I sort of faced my fear yesterday and took Brayden to the park when there were at least 3 other kids there playing on the jungle gym at the same time. Brayden did great! He played "boo" with the little boy and just looked at the little girl like she was something from another planet. I guess the girl-hating begins early in life! 

The little boy started following Brayden around and when Brayden fell, the little boy dramatically fell down on the ground and copied Brayden. It was so cute!!

"Little girl, I am busy spinning...please back up!"

"Can I help you?!" Haha he seriously wanted nothing to do with the little girl!

I have been seeing this face quite often lately... "Please feel bad for me Mom!!"

So it seems like Brayden will be good around little kids and I am hoping that when I can get us into some Mommy and Me classes, it will be even better.

Oh and the other little kids don't have ghosts faces...I just blurred them out for the privacy of the other families!

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