Monday, March 4, 2013

Bumpdate: 13 Weeks

My little baby bump. I still pretty much just look fat at this point unless you know I am pregnant. I have been wearing mostly loose-fitting clothes but that doesn't help. I do like that I can still wear all my regular jeans and I should be able to wear them for a while. I can button the pair in the picture but it isn't very comfortable. 

Here are my stats for this week: (not much has changed)

-Due Date is still September 11 for now.

-Weight gain: I can't weigh on the scale we have at home so as of right now, I am going to stick with -2. I will find out my new weight when I see the doc later this month.

-Overall Feeling: I have some energy back which is amazing. Trying to play with a toddler all day with ZERO energy isn't an easy task. I still get pretty tired during Brayden's nap so I usually forgo the cleaning and just lay on the couch. Bummer...I know!

-Gender: We will find out between 18-20 weeks. We really can't wait to find out the gender. Hubs thinks he doesn't even make girls and is convinced we are having a boy! Part of me would like to have a little girl because I have such a great relationship with my mom. We are such great friends now and I would love to have that with my daughter. At the same time, I absolutely LOVE having a boy and I would love to have another one and it would be great for Brayden to have a brother. I know they would be best friends later in life and that can't be a better feeling as a parent. Obviously, I will be thrilled no matter what we are having but the anticipation is KILLING me. And I still have about 5 weeks to go...yikes!

-Clothing: Still wearing all my regular clothes with the help of the BeBand to hold my pants up.

-Cravings: Fruit, fruit, fruit! Oh and then a few Girl Scout cookies too.

This was a good week for me as far as energy goes! I was able to get Brayden out of the house every day and go do something fun like draw with chalk at the park. Although it can be challenging to keep up with him right now, I am very thankful he keeps me going because I would probably gain WAY to much weight if I didn't have him to chase after!

And he makes the cutest little frog I ever did see!!

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