Monday, February 25, 2013

Brayden Says...

Brayden has been saying some pretty hysterical things lately and I absolutely DO NOT want to forget this stage. It may only be funny to me and husband but made us literally laugh out loud!

#1- We were all in the kitchen and I had music playing from my phone. Husband was dancing in front of Brayden, who was eating in his high chair, and Brayden says "good job" while looking right at husband!! It was perfect! We started busting up laughing and then a few seconds later Brayden said "good boy" to husband. Needless to say, this is a story that will be told for YEARS to come.

#2- Brayden again was sitting in his high chair waiting for some Goldfish. I got the box to pour some on his tray. He points to the middle of his tray and says "right here"! HA! Again, I was hysterically laughing. Where did he even get that?!

I want to keep posting short little things Brayden says so I never forget how funny he was when he wasn't even trying. It's weird how a little kid can say something so normal and yet it can be so funny.

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