Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bumpdate: 16 weeks!

Whelp, another week has come and gone. All at the same time I feel like this pregnancy is taking forever and flying by. Is that even possible!? I think maybe the waiting to find out the gender is making it seem like everything is just creeping by. Then I realize that in less than 6 short months, our new baby will be making us a family of 4! Crazy!

And please excuse my make-up free face and undone hair! Don't judge :)

-Due Date: September 11

-Weight Gain: I went to the doc on Thursday and I am +2 from my starting weight. Not too shabby.

-Overall Feeling: I have been feeling pretty good again this week with the exception of headaches! Ugh. Right behind my eyes and lasting all day long. Killing me! Besides those, I have been feeling good. Any natural remedies for getting rid of headaches?!!? Please leave any suggestions in the comments section below!

-Gender: I was really hoping to find out at our appointment on Thursday but the baby was being very stubborn. The head was down and the butt was up so we couldn't see a dang thing! Does a stubborn baby mean we are having a girl?! Or a stubborn little boy just like my husband?! The anticipation is absolutely killing me!! Again, we don't necessarily care if we have a boy or a girl as long as the baby is healthy...clearly he/she is already taking after his/her father.

-Movement: I had felt some movement in the last week and a half or so but I thought it was way too early to be feeling anything. When I went to the doc she asked about movement and confirmed that it is normal to feel movement much earlier for a second pregnancy. Our little one is already moving around like crazy! I can't wait to feel the movement on the outside as well. That was my favorite part about my pregnancy with Brayden... I just loved feeling him move and kick inside me. It's amazing the things an unborn child can do!

-Clothing: Still fitting into all my regular clothes just fine along with some help from the BeBand. I tried on a maternity shirt from my last pregnancy and I literally laughed out loud! It was so baggy in the front...but I know that wont be a problem for very long! Oh and Brayden and I are starting the Mommy and Me swim class next month so now I need to find a bathing suit. The ones I already have still fit but I definitely need either a one-piece or a tankini of some kind.

-Cravings: I am still waiting to satisfy my chicken salad sandwich craving (can't wait for Saturday) but other than that I don't have any new cravings. I have been eating a lot of trail mix because big meals are very unappealing. I mostly just snack throughout the day and I love the mix of sweet and salty with the trail mix.

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