Friday, March 22, 2013

Chocolate Veggie Muffins!

Today I finally made a recipe I found on Pinterest. I have been trying to find ways to get Brayden to eat more vegetables. He has his few favorites like green beans and carrots but everything else is a "no-go" for him. I whipped up these Chocolate Veggie Muffins while Brayden was napping in hopes that he wouldn't notice that they were full of broccoli and zucchini. 

Clearly, the muffins were a success! He didn't make any funny faces or refuse to eat the muffin at all. I was one happy momma!

So here is the recipe for all those mommas desperately trying to get their picky toddler to eat more veggies!

Chocolate Veggie Muffins
-2 eggs
-1/2 cup vegetable oil
-3/4 cup of brown sugar
-1 cup broccoli(the original recipe said finely grated but I just chopped the heck out of it)
-1/2 cup zucchini (same as the broccoli)
-1 cup self-rising flour
-3 TBSP cocoa powder
-1 tsp baking powder
-3 TBSP milk

Mix the first three ingredients in a bowl until combined and then add the rest of the ingredients. Mix well and then pour into a well greased muffin pan (I used a regular size muffin pan because I don't have a mini muffin pan but I would prefer the mini muffins). Place the muffin pan in a 325 oven for 15 minutes. Obviously, let cool before feeding them to your toddler!
Brayden was snacking on the missing muffin!

Here is the link to the original recipe. I did not create this recipe and I do not take any credit for it! Chocolate Mini Muffins by Mummy Musings & Mayhem!

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