Friday, March 8, 2013

Lately Happenings

We have been busy around here as usual and trying to make as much as possible of the next 6 months before the new baby arrives! I still can't believe that in 6 months we will have TWO kids...crazy! Even more crazy than that? Brayden is going to be two years old in just 4 months. Time is just flying by way too fast! For example, Brayden always walks to the park on his own and usually sprints ahead of me.

Back to the topic at hand...we have been visiting the park on almost  daily basis. Brayden absolutely LOVES the park and it's so convenient that we have one just two buildings down the street. The park is small which is great for us. Brayden's new obsession is chalk and he insists on dumping out the whole box right when we get there!

Oh and we always have to stop and say hi to the pig that lives next to the park!

"Look Mommy!!"

Running laps around the park!

Oh and his pants turned into a lovely rainbow after laying all over the chalk!

Even while going down the slide, he must have his shovel in hand.

And just because these are cute...Brayden gets pretty excited when he gets a bagel for breakfast.

Seriously...I don't think he could be any cuter. I know I will love baby #2 just as much as I love Brayden but sometimes I don't know if my heart will be able to take it! It might just burst with love because honestly, Brayden is amazing and I know #2 will be just as amazing in it's own special way. We are so incredibly blessed!

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