Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Haps!

So quite a few changes have been going on lately and I just wanted to let you all in on the haps. First, I have a new job!! I recently got the job as the property manager for my apartment complex and two others. This means that I will get to stay home with Brayden as I will be quitting my other job at the school. Although I am sad to be leaving the little boys I work with, and even more sad to leave my co-workers, I am very excited to have the opportunity to stay home with Brayden and still have a full-time job that pays. Can you say awesome? Because I can!
Also, with this new job, we will be moving. I am not so excited about the moving process but I am thrilled that we will be moving into a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment. So much extra space and a place for family to actually sleep when they come to visit. So freaking amazing! This move means packing up all our belongings just to move down a block and a half. Yep...we will be living on the same street which is great because we LOVE the area where we live. But, it makes it even more annoying to pack everything up to drive it down to the next block and then unpack. And this will most likely be happening the week of Brayden's birthday so we will have family here as well! I hope they are ready to help move ;) Of course, everything is so much better when I remember that I will get to spend my days with this crazy boy!

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