Sunday, June 10, 2012

Only 1 Month Left....

I think I am in denial about the fact that in one month, my sweet little baby will not longer be a "baby!" He will technically be a toddler and that is so freaking WEIRD!!! He will obviously always be my baby but I will now have to tell people that he is a year more "months." *tear*
So although it is weird that he will soon be a toddler, Brayden is seriously so much fun right now! He is happy almost all of the time, loves to play, smiles at strangers(women), points and so on! Here is a list of the things Brayden currently likes:

-chasing(especially up and down the hallway or around things like a kitchen island)
-being outside
-being upside down
-brushing his teeth
-eating...shocking, I know!
-touching my teeth (future dentist?!)
-picking flowers

I may have missed some things because honestly, this kid loves practically everything. He DOESN'T like: falling down/getting hurt (duh!), being in his car seat for long periods of time,...and that is pretty much it! And this is why we are frightened for our second child...whenever that happens. Brayden is so good and happy! We could not be more blessed!
Also, it is so much easier to take him places now because he is entertained by new people, things that are not his toys, and walking! I also don't have to bring as much stuff with us when we go places because he can eat regular food so that is a huge help when packing for a day out or at family's house.
As much as I am sad about Brayden turning one, I know it will be so much fun for us to see him continue to explore, learn and grow. His personality is so bright and it is an amazing feeling to see him learn something new! And, I know his first word will be coming soon (we keep pushing for "mama") and that will be an amazing experience in itself! So maybe him turning one won't be so bad....and we know the party will be fun!! Who doesn't want to party with THIS face?!?!
Happy 11 months bubba!!!

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