Saturday, June 23, 2012

I LOVE Weekends!

Okay so this title seems like a total "duh" but because I work full-time, my weekends are my mini-vacations! Sometimes we don't do much and other times our weekends are full of family adventures. This weekend is a little of both. Today I took Brayden to the mall after his afternoon nap just because it was something to do. Shockingly, I only spent about $12.00 and only bought Brayden 2 books!! I was going to shop around for a new top or two but I am not patient enough to be in those small stores on a Saturday with a stroller...not my thing! So we booked it out of the mall and headed to the park. Much more like it!!! Brayden was very excited to have so much space to walk around like a free bird!
When we finally got to the sand, Brayden was a little apprehensive. He has been in the sand before but not recently so he was figuring it all out.
Once he got used to it, he discovered that he actually liked it! I know...weird...a boy that likes sand!

He didn't want to leave the sand but I got him back over to the grass and he walked all the way back to the car. Brayden LOVES the park and it's so easy to take him for an hour or so and then head back home.
And THIS is why I love my weekends so much! I really wish my hubby could have the same schedule as me so he would experience these adventures with us but he gets to have his own adventures with Brayden while I am at work and he is home. One day our schedules will work together and then you will all see more pictures of the hubs! For will just have to suffer by looking at is tough...get used to it! :)

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