Sunday, June 10, 2012


Holy cow, I didn't think the Cry-It-Out method would work as fast as it has but I am LOVING it! Since my last post about the CIO method, we have been consistent in putting Brayden down while he is awake and letting him fall asleep on his own. Our routine goes something like this: bath, bottle, music, night light, bed! Brayden started out by crying and screaming for about 10 minutes for the first two nights, only about 6 minutes the third night and maybe 2-3 the forth night. And now?!?! Not a peep! It is AWESOME!!! I love that his bedtime is not stressful anymore and that he knows that being in his bed means its time to sleep. We are still working on this for his daytime naps but those are getting so much better. I think its harder for him during the day because his room is bright and he can hear so many more noises. We are just making sure that we stay consistent because that is the only way the CIO method works!! Anyways, just wanted to let you all know how successful it has been for us so far!
And the best part, I get to see this awesome face when he wakes up!
He was very pleased with his
breakfast of pancakes and banana!
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