Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day!

As usual, I am a little late posting about the recent celebration BUT...it was a great day! I completely failed at taking pictures because we were pretty busy trying to fit in a bunch of fun before the hubs had to go to work (on his very first Father's Day...BOOO!!). Anyways, our day started with Daddy sleeping in and Mommy taking Brayden to the grocery store for the necessary ingredients for our special breakfast. We woke Daddy up with cards, gifts and a cup of coffee! Next up was going to Grandma and Grandpa's house for brunch and relaxing! This recipe was found on Pinterest and it was fantastic! Click HERE for the direct link for the recipe.
Oh and did I mention that Brayden dressed up for the occasion?!?! Well he did...redneck style! 

Yep...that's a T-shirt with a tie(the shirt came that way!) and we paired it with his super classy denim shorts! It doesn't get any better than that folks! Oh well maybe a little better...he played with the hose water for a bit...splashing it up in his face and then laughing about it! Great stuff!

Because the day turned out to be so dang hot, Brayden traded his fancy outfit for...nothing! Naked baby in the pool!  
Naked baby then decided to get out of the pool...awesome!
Like I said...I failed at taking pictures because according to my phone, this is where our day ends. Not even close! Chance had to go to work but we headed over to my Aunt Kym's house for some amazing food, margaritas and family! It was a great Father's Day even though Chance had to work. Maybe next Father's Day he will be able to take a day off work and have the whole day for his wife and son to be at his beck and call....haha!! Probably not that last part! 

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