Friday, June 15, 2012

Awesome Sunday!

Our Sunday last week was pretty spectacular! (I am finally getting to blog about it!) It started out with some family snuggle time in bed, then pancakes for breakfast, a trip to costco and then THIS!!!

Yep! Brayden has his own pool now! This thing will be so great for summer when it is hot and the nice cool hose water will keep him from overheating! For this particular day, we filled it with warm water from the sink because it wasn't hot enough outside. Brayden had such a great time splashing around! We all know how much he loves his baths and being outside. This was like having a bath outside...a win, win! After the pool shenanigans, we went HERE!
El Dorado Nature Center!

He was pretty excited about it!

So many turtles!

And brave little squirrels

Beautiful flowers

Cute spiky caterpillars!

He almost made it to the end!

A stunning view!! 
Who knew you could find a place like this in the middle of Long Beach?!?! This place is great. It has so many fun things for Brayden to look at and I get some exercise in! Brayden really did love looking at the squirrels, turtles, fish, and we even saw a rabbit! I definitely want to make more trips to the Nature Center during my summer break and I know Brayden will love visiting this place when he is a little older. It was the perfect way to end our Sunday!
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