Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Bucket List!

Since I am lucky enough to get a summer break from my job, I am planning to take full advantage of it by filling up my schedule with fun activities!! Most of them are family activities because now that Brayden is older, he can appreciate more and is intrigued by new adventures. So here is my current bucket list(in no particular order):

-visit a petting zoo
-go to a farmer's market
-visit new parks
-go to the beach
-introduce the pool to Brayden
-redo my kitchen table and chairs
-complete a 5k or 10k
-make banana ice cream(recipe from pinterest)

So thats all I have so far but I plan on adding to it. Obviously things like redoing the kitchen table will not include Brayden but most of the other activities do. I really want to make my summer active and fun and I don't want Brayden to get used to being inside all day just watching cartoons. I was raised in a home where I wasn't allowed to watch tv more than an hour a day and we were not allowed to play, or even own, video games! I spent my time outside playing sports or just playing games with my neighbors. I want Brayden to grow up that way too. I think I am a healthier person because I wasn't just sitting on my butt all day long and I want Brayden to be the healthiest boy he can be. When I find new things to add to this list I will be sure to blog about it. I would also love any suggestions for places to go or things to do! Just leave a comment below!

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Simone said...

Ok I voted! I love reading about your adorable boy! I look forward to every post! Love it!

PS Thanks for your daily encouragement! In tough situations it makes a world of difference!