Friday, May 11, 2012

10 Month Stats

This is nuts people!! I absolutely cannot believe that Brayden is 10 months old today. My sister just text me and reminded me that at this time last year I was 7 months pregnant and going on the Ellen Degeneres show. I can't believe how much has changed since then! My life has completely changed for the better (and crazier) and its all because of my little monster...aka Brayden.

So here are some of his likes and the things he has been doing lately:
walking!! (a post about this coming soon)
very determined to figure things out...see video posted below
juice (watered down obviously but he LOVES it)
being outside
bath time! (his absolute favorite time of day!)

And things he does not like:
diaper changes
getting dressed
when I leave the room (separation anxiety is not fun!)
being in his play pen...he likes freedom

I am totally freaking out that Brayden is already 10 months old because that also means there are only 2 months until his first birthday! I am so not ready for him to be 1! He is so much fun and it is so easy to take him places like out to dinner and to the beach because he is such a happy baby. If he has some Cheerios in front of him while we eat dinner, he is totally a happy camper. He loves to go see new things and new places and the swing is still his favorite part about the park. I even bought an outdoor swing to hang from my parents' back porch...I know that thing will get a lot of use during these summer months! I absolutely LOVE being a mother and I can't wait to have more (although we are waiting for now so don't freak out!). Anyways, here are the photos and video that I know you really come to my blog for :)
I love it when he wakes up happy!

Always ready for Cheerios!

This is the determination I was talking about!
He wouldn't even look at the camera!

First time at the beach!

Family date night at George's!!! 

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