Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day!

Last Memorial Day I had the opportunity to go to a Memorial service at a cemetery and it was so great! There was a band and so many veterans as well as families. The speakers were awesome and the weather was perfect! I am so excited that I got to go again today and this time Chance and Brayden were with me. The whole family was together for an important holiday! I think many people forget the real meaning of this holiday because they get caught up in the BBQs and beer but, especially because I was a military wife, it is important to remember what this holiday is all about. I know that one day, Chance will teach Brayden all about the military and what he did for them and how important they are to our country. I want Brayden to appreciate the men and women that protect us and work to keep us free. Today was a great start to showing him how important it is to thank the people that are in the military and those that have given their lives! I hope to continue this tradition every year so we never forget how great our lives are and the people that work so hard to keep it that way!
Our day started a little later than usual because Brayden let us sleep until almost 8 o'clock! Practically a record! Of course he does this on a day where we need to leave the house by 9...needless to say we were rushing! I needed to feed Brayden while Chance took a shower then get myself ready and then get Brayden ready which included a bath! Yikes! Thankfully we were on time to the memorial service and got to participate in the prayer for fallen soldiers and the living that are currently fighting! It was a beautiful service and a great way to remember what this holiday is truly about. After the service, we visited some family graves and then headed home. It has been a low key day but FABULOUS! I don't have many days like this so it was a perfect way to end my long weekend. And of course I got some cute pictures of the little monster!
Beautiful Forest Lawn Cemetery!

Having fun on Daddy's shoulders!

Our two proud!

So happy!!
Passed out before we even got out of the cemetery gates!

Eating lunch before the real nap

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