Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sick again!

This is what I get for working with kids...sick! I started feeling sick on Wednesday of last week and by Friday, I was so done! My throat was hurting, my head was throbbing and my nose was stuffy one minute and runny the next. Not good people, not good! Of course since I was sick, Brayden got sick too. I noticed that his nose was stuffy on Thursday evening and by Friday morning, he was done too! I made a quick trip to Rite Aid on Friday evening to get him some extra fever reducer and to get me some cold medicine. I started Brayden on saline spray and nose suctioning and I was no longer one of Brayden's favorite people. He absolutely HATES getting his nose suctioned out! He doesn't mind the saline spray so much which is good because that is what will help to break up all the junk in his nasal cavity!

Our whole weekend was filled with saline spray, nose suctioning, naps, midnight wake up calls, a crying baby, a slight fever, lots of snotty tissues and eventually calling out of work. We both felt pretty crappy and I knew that Brayden needed me to take care of him and I needed to get my rest as well. It was a rough weekend but today we both feel much better. Brayden woke up smiling and I have been way less congested so this is a good sign. I am heading back to work tomorrow so Brayden will be home with Chance and I know that they will have a good time without me. It will be a good break from being at home and I will only have 3 days of work and then 2 more days at home.

It was definitely not the fun weekend I was imagining but we made it through anyways. I am so glad that I have a pretty flexible work environment that lets me take the days I need off to get better! It makes it much easier knowing that I am not in trouble for taking a couple of days off work. I am actually excited to go back and see my coworkers and kiddos (lets see how they treat me on my first day back!). I am just glad that we are both feeling better!

On a happy note, I had a great first Mother's Day but more on that later!! For now, I will leave you with the smiling face that I love!

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