Saturday, May 12, 2012

And He's Walking...

Yep! He is up and walking folks! It is so weird to see such a tiny little boy up on his feet. He has taken 12 steps consecutively as of right now!! Its crazy! Brayden started taking small steps a while back and since then, he has just kept trying! His teeny toes turn all white while he is trying to grip the ground and keep his balance! It's so stinking cute!! We have obviously had to baby proof our house since the walking began because now he goes in the kitchen and tries to open the cabinets and just roams the house like he owns the place...oh wait, he does! Anyways, its been super fun watching him gain balance and I know that pretty soon, the walking will turn into running and then I will really be getting my workouts in!
Of course he isn't a circus animal and won't perform when asked so the video I posted below is the best I could get...but don't worry, I have my camera ready pretty much all the time so I will keep trying to get a better video!

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