Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bath Time!

Bath time is basically Brayden's favorite time of day! He gets the biggest smile on his face as soon as I start the water. He would probably play in the bath for hours if I let him...seriously, he loves it THAT much! We keep the toys pretty simple in the tub and by that I mean we have about 6 toys that he plays with. Small little puffer fish that squirt water, a turtle, a fireman duck, and a colorful fish. They all squirt water actually...except the duck(he is for the water temperature). He is completely happy with just having these toys which is the best part! His favorite is the turtle because he can fit the turtle's head in his mouth (the things that excite a 10 month old!!). He is constantly going from side to side in the tub and just talks and sings the whole time. This is what has made bath time my favorite time of day as well! I love to see him so happy! Just to give you an idea of what I get to experience each night, I was able to get a video last night!

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