Sunday, May 27, 2012

And He's Gone!!

Brayden used to be so easy to watch all day...just put him in a bouncer if you have to use the bathroom or make some lunch and then sit on the floor and play with toys. Well, those days are LONG gone! My little man is on the move! He basically refuses to crawl because he can now walk and is obsessed with it. He can still be a little wobbly at times but he is fast!! All of this means that I am also on the move. I am constantly on my feet chasing after him! Also, I can't go to the bathroom alone anymore. Due to his new separation anxiety, Brayden freaks out when I leave the room unless he is completely engrossed in something else. This means that he follows me everywhere I go...bathroom and all! The video below was actually taken a couple of weeks ago but it still shows you his kick-butt skills at walking!

The video isn't the best quality because my mom sent it to me from her phone. She recorded this at her gym so don't think I have leopard carpet in my house!! :) I can't believe he is already walking all over the place and everyone that sees him can't believe he is walking either! I have heard that boys don't usually walk until a year or later so as of right now, he is ahead of the game! Chance says that he is now one step closer to playing T-ball!! It has been so fun to watch him learn how to walk and it has definitely kept us on our toes. I will try to get an updated video soon...for now you will have to suffer with this cuteness!

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