Saturday, April 28, 2012

Best. Thing. Ever.

So most of my friends and family are aware of my current addiction. is honestly the best website! It is technically 5 websites in one...there is for all things baby, for cleaning and personal supplies, for pet supplies, for home decorating and such and then which is a toy warehouse!! I mostly shop at and but I am sure the yoyo site will be very helpful in the future. The best part about these 5 websites?? They all have just one shopping cart! Everything you order comes in one little box...well usually the box is big in my case! And on top of all that great news...they have free shipping after your shopping cart reaches $49 and that is so easy to do! (I just spent $150...oops!)
Their prices are very comparable to the grocery store or target so it makes so much sense for me to have all my needs delivered. I don't have to worry about speeding over to target when I get done with work. I am able to stay home and entertain Brayden and then do all my shopping when he goes to sleep. Also, they have a list of things you buy most for easy shopping. I try to make sure I never actually run out of formula or Gripe Water so I am not sprinting off to Rite Aid at 8:00 pm when Brayden is screaming crying because he is hungry and tired. makes it so easy to order what I need before I am even close to running out!
So there ya everyone knows my addiction. And for those that don't have babies, you will still LOVE this website. and have nothing in particular to do with babies or anything of that nature...just your every day needs/wants!
Honestly, it is a good thing this handsome boy isn't sleeping because I would probably look at the toys and find things to buy him!!

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