Thursday, August 22, 2013

Madison's Nursery!

The nursery is so close to being officially complete but if I wait any longer to do the reveal, Madison just might be here already! The only things missing are a glider, some pictures and her wooden letters over the closet doors. I am hoping I can finish those small touches before she makes her debut! (Especially the glider.) 

Without further ado...Madison's nursery!!

The big picture...I was looking for nature, birds, flowers and colors in her room. I didn't really want a "theme" necessarily. I am so happy with how it turned out!

This is the other side of the room...again with the bright colors and flowers. The glider will be in that big, blank spot by the window. I put a small side table with a lamp for nights of nursing....I need a place to put my phone, water and snacks.

Here are the detailed shots!

I made this mobile with felt, embroidery string, an embroidery hoop and pillow fluff!

Obviously the pillows and such will not be in the crib when Madison starts sleeping in there. The pillows are actually for the glider.

Wall art from Hobby Lobby.

Wall art purchased off Zulily and framed with Ikea frames. (They have the "You Are My Sunshine" lyrics on them!)

Dresser is from Babies R Us but we put the flower (top 2 drawers) and polka dot (bottom 4 drawers) knobs from Hobby Lobby on the drawers to give it a personal touch. This is one of my favorite parts!

The bookcase, plants and baskets are from Ikea.

Ignore the picture in the frame...I am waiting on my maternity pictures and then I can replace the random people.

LOVE this cross my mom got!

Brayden already stole most of the books I had in here so I added a plant to take up some extra space.

Wall art from Hobby Lobby! 

The wall hook was purchased by my grandma...I love that it's so unique and colorful! Also, so convenient for hanging wet towels!

Last but not least....the closet. Brayden's toys are in the upper left part of the closet for now. I am hiding them for rough days. I bought storage boxes from Ikea and they are full of diapers, wipes, and extra sheets and such. The hanging closet organizer has skirts, shoes, and a few outfits that have 3 pieces which is too many for me to remember when getting her dressed so I just left them together.

I have all onesies, sleepers, socks, beanies, diapers, wipes and folded outfits in the dresser drawers. I used storage boxes from Ikea for this as well. I love that everything is organized and hopefully it will help making diaper changes and clothing changes go quickly.

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