Thursday, August 29, 2013

Big Brother Shirt and Gift!!

In hopes of making Brayden excited when his little sister arrives, I made him a Big Brother shirt to wear to the hospital. I was originally planning on just purchasing a shirt but apparently I am WAY too cheap for that. All the cute shirts I liked were in the $25 price range. I am just not willing to spend that kind of money on a shirt he will only wear one time! 

So my solution was to make one. I made a trip to Target and purchased a plain white shirt for $5 and then headed to the craft aisle to see how I could add the "Big Brother" part. I was thinking puffy paints but the only puffy paints they had were glittery...ugh! 

My next best option was fabric markers. At only $5 for the markers, I guess I couldn't really complain. I was a little nervous to write on the new shirt because there wasn't any room for error. Well I guess I could buy another shirt but that would sort of defeat the purpose of me being cheap. I sketched out my design on paper and practiced making the G because that isn't an easy letter for me to do in bubble letters. 

Overall, I am pretty happy with the way it turned out! I used blue and orange because it will match the plaid shorts I have for him to wear.

You'll also notice the basket of stuff. This is a gift to Brayden from Madison. She bought him all of his favorite things...Teddy Grams, Apple Strawberry squeezies, a book, a monster water bottle, a play dinosaur and a Toy Story play camera (not pictured). 

I am hoping this will help to ease the tension during our time at the hospital. I know it will be weird for Brayden to be in the hospital and for Mommy to be resting in bed. I think this will make Brayden excited for his little sister (at least for the day) and I hope he takes lots of really great "pictures" with his camera.

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